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Chairman’s message ‘History is theirs whose language is the Sun’ – Stephen Spender

At K.R. Mangalam Group of Schools, we endeavour to promote a classroom of thinkers who would have the courage and conviction to lead the world with their astute insight, competency, calibre and impeccable values.


The school’s motto, “Engage. Learn. Innovate”, epitomises the school’s commitment to broadening the students’ horizons and enabling them to carve an integrated and enlightened world—a world that fosters unity yet celebrates the uniqueness of each individual.

The world that we live in now is certainly fraught with many challenges, and the world tomorrow is everybody’s guess. What is certain, however, is that what we do today will determine the kind of lives that we are going to have in the future. As leading providers of education, we endeavour to propagate effective education and steer forth a progressive vision of creating synergy to fructify the quest for excellence and kindle young minds with a dream of a better tomorrow.

The seeds of an idea that were sown a long time ago are coming to swift fruition, and the school is growing into a strong sapling. Let this sapling grow into a sturdy tree and spread its branches!

“The school’s motto, “Engage, Learn, Innovate”