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Student Awards Policy Scholarship and Students Awards Policy

Awards and accolades are gestures to appreciate young achievers and make them feel special. It is a pat on the back that motivates them to move ahead with a spirit of renewed confidence in themselves.

We, at KRM, are committed to ensure a positive environment where every student is encouraged to put in his/her best efforts and achieve success. We also believe in appreciating the efforts put in by the pupils in various co-scholastic activities along with their scholastic achievements.

For Grade IV-XII, an annual award is given for the Class Topper and subject toppers across all sections in the session. If a child misses any of the Unit Tests/Periodic Tests/Term Exams due to personal or medical reasons, he or she is not eligible for a Class Topper or Subject Topper trophy.

K.R. Mangalam also awards the students who do not miss school even for a single day throughout the academic year with the most coveted 100% attendance award for all grades from Pre-Nur-XII.


Result Award
Average Grade Points-8.8 above (Grade IV &V) Scholar badge
84% & above (Grade VI – X) Scholar badge
80% & above (Grade XI) Scholar badge
Scholar badge for 3 consecutive years Super Scholar badge
Scholar badge for 6 consecutive years Super Scholar badge & blue tie
Scholar Badge for 8 consecutive years Chairman’s medal


The school awards meritorious students with Merit Scholarship for a full academic year as per the details given below:

Grade Result Total Award
V-VII Topper of the class 500 P.M.
VIII-IX Topper of the class 600 P.M.
X-XI Topper of the class 1000 P.M.

A sum of Rs. 1000 will be given to the student who scores a good rank in any All India Competitive Exam/Sport conducted by CBSE and Rs. 500/-for any State Level Exam/Sports at the discretion of the Principal.

* All the merit awards/scholarship will be given only as per the discretion of the school management.