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Middle - Wing “Education is a passport to the future, because the future belongs to those who prepare for it today.”

K.R. Mangalam provides an education that is attuned with exceptional care to individual student needs as per the school’s motto EDUCATE. LEARN. INNOVATE. The middle wing of KRMVP caters to classes VI-VIII having the age group 11-14 years. The Middle School plays an indispensable role in a child’s academic, emotional, social and personal growth. Hence, the curriculum is designed in such a way that it meets our students’ academic needs and encourages them to explore their passions at school and in their daily lives.

The school follows a 5-day week schedule with school timings from 7:50 a.m. to 2:15 p.m.

Our goal is to create powerful learning opportunities both inside and outside the classroom through a vast array of co-curricular activities. Our comprehensive approach combines an integrated curriculum and creative teaching techniques with rich, extracurricular activities.

Homework, in the middle wing, is specially designed to cater to the unique learning needs of the students with the goal of developing self-management, independence, and a passion for learning. Considering the recommendations of the NEP (New Education Policy 2020), activity-based learning in all subjects is emphasized at KRMVP.

Middle grade students learn best within an inclusive environment in which they feel safe and supported as they explore, discover, and develop their sense of self and understanding of others. At the same time, the focus is to hone the overall personality of our kids and therefore, immense attention is paid to the spoken English. Myriad opportunities are provided to the students to amplify their spoken English and share their ideas. Along with subject lessons, the school encourages sports and physical education to maintain a healthy balance between education and exercise. It also instills team spirit, sportsmanship, and discipline in students.

The Government of India has also recognized our school as a ‘FIT INDIA’ School appreciating the efforts made by us under the FIT INDIA campaign.

  • 1  English
  • 2  Hindi
  • 3  Mathematics
  • 4  Science
  • 5  Social Science
  • 6  Computer Science
  • 7  General Knowledge (G.K.)

Students get the option to choose a third language from the following:

  • 1  German
  • 2  French
  • 3  Sanskrit

We have a special inclination to foster creativity. Students participate in hands-on experiments and create working models based on their visions and ideas. The Middle Wing has varied clubs to foster creativity and sharpen the thinking and learning skills of our students.

The different clubs are :

  • MUN Club
  • Rang Manch – The Dramatics Club
  • All Booked – The Literary Club
  • Matheletes – Math Club
  • Aryabhatta Club
  • Science-O-Porium – C.V. Raman Club
  • Tap your feet – The Western Dance Club
  • Nupur Beats – Indian Dance Club
  • Creative Dive – The Art Club
  • Sound of Music – The Music Club
  • Mind Crusaders – The Design Thinking Club
  • Ted Ed Club
  • Life Skills Club
  • Heritage Club
  • Disaster Management Club
  • Aztech – Artificial Intelligence Club
  • NCC
  • Scouts and Guides

The Sports Club has the following activities for the middle graders:

  • 1  Cricket
  • 2 Chess
  • 3 Lawn Tennis
  • 4 Basketball
  • 5 Table Tennis
  • 6. Yoga
  • 7. Gymnastics
  • 8. Shooting
  • 9. Badminton
  • 7. Football

Under the Co-scholastic domain, a wide range of co-curricular activities are offered as per the child’s aptitude and interest. These include:

  • Life skills
  • Visual and Performing arts
  • Robotics
  • Sports – both indoor and outdoor sports with special coaches
  • Personality Development
  • Painting and Craftwork
  • Multimedia and Animation
  • Dramatics and Debating
  • Space and Astronomy
  • Olympiads
  • Reading
  • Science and Technology

Students have been divided into 4 houses:

  • 1  Ruby
  • 2 Topaz
  • 3  Sapphire
  • 4  Emerald

Regular Inter-House competitions and events are conducted. The House System provides excellent opportunities for student leadership and peer group support. Aided by dedicated staff members, and house captains, it is a remarkable medium for enabling students of different ages to bond together and operate as a cohesive family.


Our holistic curriculum includes not only academics but a focus on curiosity and a growth-mindset approach. Students are taught essential life lessons in respect and self-worth that will be the foundation for success in high school and beyond. Our school follows a learning approach that stimulates creativity, innovation, and collaboration among students. This ensures the holistic growth of students and grooms them into responsible, confident, and independent individuals. It is achieved through:


KRMVP offers multitude of opportunities to the students to participate in activities/projects/events whichrequire critical thinking, problem solving, active listening, and effective learning at school, state, national and international level. Through joyful engagement, middle graders contribute with confidence, creativity, and passion.


Experiential learning opportunities exist in a variety of scholastic and co-scholastic courses which really help the students to have a hands-on learning experience.


Robotics is a science involving Design, Construction, and Operation. Robotics is a compendium of different disciplines that provides children with knowledge related to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. KRMVP transmits this range of expertise to them in a fun way which facilitates the development of logical thinking while stimulating their creativity and students become familiar with the operation of programmable objects with which they are already in daily contact.


Astronomy is an excellent way of teaching the basic principles of science to create an intelligent and analytic global community. These classes offer recreational science solutions and skill development workshops that inculcate a scientific temper in students.


Happiness Hour has become an indispensable part of KRMVP’s curriculum and it is diligently followed by the staff members and the students alike. Students are informed about the importance of being happy and de-stressing oneself. They share their happy experiences with their classmates and these classes are thoroughly enjoyed by the students.


From standing on the front stage to backstage tech production, theater is a memorable and exciting platform for growing confidence and leadership skills. Theater (Rangmanch) is a popular club and many of our students participate in this co-curricular club activity. Middle school students have come up with many Nukkad Nataks imparting very important social messages.


At KRMVP, we see sports as the means to many ends – foremost among them being the character-based qualities of sportsmanship, integrity, commitment, and a desire for individual improvement. Our coaches and trainers build mutually respectful relationships with students, upholding high expectations for hard work, dedication, and a positive attitude.

K.R. Mangalam offers world-class sports facilities and training to its students even beyond school hours. In addition to a huge playfield, our school possesses indoor and outdoor sports arenas for the following sports:

  • 1 Football
  • 2 Basketball
  • 3 Tennis
  • 4 Virtual Golf
  • 5 Shooting
  • 6 Cricket
  • 7 Gymnastics
  • 8 Badminton
  • 9 Chess

The National Cadet Corps is the youth wing of the Indian Armed Forces

NCC has taught us team-building and regulation. It has made us push our limits and bring out the best version of ourselves, with physical and as well as mental training it taught us how to make the best out of any situation.


Regular workshops are conducted for the staff and students throughout the year to keep the staff abreast with the latest teaching learning processes. The educators are updated with CBSE and global trends in education.

a) We at KRMVP regularly arrange student workshops in various fields to impart practical approach and experiential learning in our students. Regular workshops are conducted on :

  • 1 Anti-Bullying
  • 2 Learning to Relax
  • 3 Healthy Habits
  • 4 Helping Others
  • 5 Dental Hygiene
  • 6 Traffic Rules Workshop
  • 7 Good Communication
  • 8 Sanitation

b) Training and Development is a routine for our teachers and non- teaching staff. This allows our academic staff to stay updated and aware about the ever-changing situations with students. The different workshops conducted for our educators are:

  • 1 Dealing with struggling students
  • 2 Teaching resilience and well-being
  • 3 Flipped classrooms
  • 4 Developing communication skills as a teacher
  • 5 Teacher – An Artist
  • 6 Making Mathematics more meaningful
  • 7 Circle Time – Using group dynamics for learning
  • 8 Language Development
  • 9 Using Storytelling in the classroom
  • 10 Unravel the mystery of history
  • 11 Developing creativity in learning
  • 12 Understanding the Emotional needs of the students

c) KRMVP conducts myriad activities to engage parents in the learning process. There are workshops and seminars which are conducted for the parents and these focus on parenting, communicating, dealing with adolescents. It is widely recognized that parent engagement in children’s learning is important and we aspire to strengthen parents-teachers bonding while allowing parents to participate in the learning processes through:

  • 1 Workshops
  • 2 Coffee mornings
  • 3 Participation in school events as organizers and judges
  • 4 Morning assemblies
  • 5 Frequent parent-teacher meetings
  • 6 Exchange Programmes
  • 7 Annual Presentations
  • 8 Scholar Badge Ceremony
  • 9 Parents’ Orientation
  • 10 Investiture Ceremony


SCHOLASTIC: The middle school follows a uniform assessment system as per CBSE. To infuse a strong education base and prepare students to step into higher classes, the uniform assessment plays a key role. Students are assessed in two terms through pen and paper tests as well as subject enrichment activities. The assessment structure is as follows:

TERM 1 (100 MARKS)

10 Marks 5 Marks 5 Marks 80 Marks 100 Marks

TERM 2 (100 MARKS)

10 Marks 5 Marks 5 Marks 80 Marks 100 Marks

The students will be assessed in multiple disciplines by the teachers and will be graded term-wise on a 3 point grading scale (A= Outstanding, B= Very Good, C= Fair). The aspect of regularity, sincere participation, output, and teamwork will be the standard criteria for grading in the following co-scholastic activities.


Work Education refers to skill-based activities to inculcate the sense of social responsibilities among the students.

  • 1 Art Education (Visual and Performing Arts)
  • 2 Health and Physical Education (Sports/Yoga, etc.)
  • 3Discipline

The aspects of regularity, sincere participation, output, and teamwork are considered while grading them in the above-mentioned areas.