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NCC NCC (Unity and Discipline)- Boys Unit

The Nation Cadet Corp (N.C.C) is the organization that is regulated under the Ministry of Defence; it acts as the body to provide the basic military training that inculcates the feelings of comradeship, courage, honesty, and, above all, patriotism.

The NCC teaches cadets basic skills and training in the handling of various types of weapons, as well as making them physically tough so that they can face adversity with ease. N.C.C training is given to students in the age group of 13 to 26 in school and college. It is given in army, naval, and air force streams, depending upon the aptitude of students.

K.R. Mangalam World School in Vikaspuri is a part of the 2 Delhi Battalion, Group B for Boys, and the 7 Delhi Girls Battalion, Group B for Girls. The boy cadets undergo training for two years. Cadets are trained in drill, shooting (weapon training), physical fitness, first aid, map reading, sailing, and camp training. Every cadet of the Junior Division has to undergo service training for a minimum period of 75% of the total hours during the annual school session, which is compulsory for every cadet except in the case of some medical cases. Every cadet during the training year has to attend an annual training camp of 10 days in order to be eligible for the "A" certificate examination.

In essence, NCC Camps support the development of an adventurous spirit, strength, endurance, and an ability to explore. The Combined Annual Training Camp (CATC), which is organised by 2 Delhi Battalion, focuses on personality development and gives a glimpse of a military camp. The camp includes both junior and senior wings. Schools and colleges in and around Delhi participate in the camp.